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Hackney House Prices October 2019 – A Diverse and Welcoming Community

There is no shortage of fantastic areas to enjoy in London, but it is easy to see why Hackney appeals to so many people, families and households. This is a part of the English capital where high art collides with innovation, and no matter what you enjoy in life, there is something on hand.

Green open spaces abound in the area, and when it comes to food and drink, there is no shortage of fantastic options to enjoy in Hackney. Whether you want to hang out in a place that is hip, glamorous, ostentatious, scruffy or quirky; Hackney has it all and a whole lot more. You can also enjoy fantastic stores and a community spirit which helps you find a home.

Hackney allows you to feel at home

There is no denying many people feel ostracised with the pace of modern life, and it is easy to feel shut away by yourself. Thankfully, areas like Hackney allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Anyone looking for a place where they can commute with ease and then enjoy peace at home, they can do so. However, when you’re looking for a place you can enjoy your spare, Hackney meets your needs.

Therefore, it is understandable many people have an interest in Hackney house prices. As a local property market specialist, we are here to keep you informed with October 2019 Hackney house prices.

In figures provided by Zoopla, the average sales price of Hackney properties in the past 12 months is £621,576. This figure is based a total of 420 sales. Zoopla states the average value of Hackney property is £566,874.

  • The average price of Hackney flats in the past 12 months is: £470,414
  • The average price paid for terraced properties in Hackney in the past 12 months is: £901,767
  • The average price paid for semi-detached Hackney properties in the past 12 months is: £1,306,167

According to Rightmove, the average price of a property in Hackney in the past year is £591,569. This average price places Hackney as a more affordable option than other local areas including Dalston, London Fields and Lower Clapton.

Rightmove states flats were the most common property type sold in Hackney in the past year, with the average price of Hackney flats being £482,737. The same organisations state the average sold price for terraced properties in Hackney was £922,311 while the average price of semi-detached properties was £1,521,280.

Most of the sales in Hackney over the past year were flats which on average sold for £482,737. Terraced properties had an average sold price of £922,311, and semi-detached properties averaged at £1,521,280.

Stay in touch with Hackney property prices

It is no surprise to see some differences in the stated prices between the two leading UK property portals, but there isn’t a significant difference. Therefore, anyone looking for guidance on property prices in Hackney should have a clear starting point.

Of course, while average prices are useful for many people, a lot of people need more accurate information. If you plan on selling your Hackney home, you must have your home assessed and have a valid value placed on it. An inaccurate amount may hamper your chances of engaging buyers and selling your home, so make sure you speak with a local agent to determine the best sales price for your home.

At Wild & Co, we are pleased to offer an instant valuation service, and we can arrange an appointment to attend your home. Whatever help you need in selling your Hackney property, we are more than happy to assist you.